Nikolay Shkilev, PhD


Serial entrepreneur. Speaker. Mentor.
Businessman with 25 years of experience in owning various types of businesses.

In parallel, he is an advisor, helping dozens of projects around the world, including Blockchain.
Nikolay Shkilev has received numerous awards in business:

– Self-Made Award;
– Best IT Advisor;
– Super TOP (from Business FM);
– Enterprise of the Year.

Nikolay regularly conducts training, interviews and masterminds with leading experts from different areas of business.

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«Business is not about money. It’s about making dreams come true for others and for yourself.»
© Nikolay Shkilev, PhD 


Nikolay Shkilev, PhD has many awards and titles in business


Self-Made Award


Best IT/Blockchain Advisor


Super top award
(Business FM)


Enterprise of the year

Featured in

The First Successes of This Crypto Marketplace and Plans For the Future


Interview: Nikolay Shkilev, Advisor, Crypto Enthusiast and Mentor


Interview with Nikolay Shkilev


Nikolay works as an advisor in the project ‘Air-Pod’ and I can assure you that he is a true professional who constantly helps us with his recommendations in the Blockchain community using his experience and connections. Many advisors act only as a picture on a website, but Nikolay is not like that. He is always in touch with everyone and is always ready to assist. I am glad that we work together and that he is helping our project become a success!

Miran Pavlič Head Of Operations at APOD Technologies OÜ (AIRPOD)

Nikolay is a Mentor at Root and Confidential projects, a true professional. He brings all his experience to support our project that he works with. He always helps with his useful recommendations, connections and experience. He is actively involved with the project rather than just acting as a picture on the website. I highly recommend Nikolay’s help to any project!

Neeraj Tiwari Co-Founder at Confidential

The knowledge and leadership that Nikolay has brought to the Lunch Money project has shown me what a real advisor and mentor does. He is active and goes beyond the normal scope of work to ensure that our project stays on track. Being new to the blockchain space, which at times has shown to be aggressive and unforgiving, Nikolay’s advice and actions have kept us on track and our hard work is bearing fruit. Thank you, Nikolay! We are happy to have you on our Advisory Board!

Jeffery Varnado Chief Executive Officer / CO-Founder Lunch Money Token

Nikolay is an exceptional professional. He is also a very well known and respected name in the Business world, and there is a good reason for that. I highly recommend Nikolay’s help to any project.

Konstantin Dimitrov Owner KNIVD

Nikolay is a Professional with a capital “P”. A businessman of the new generation: in his work, he successfully applies both already tried and tested methods for doing business and innovative solutions, which produces excellent results. As a highly qualified leader, Nikolay creates a real team spirit so that you can achieve your goals! He knows how and loves to motivate, teach and comprehensively help in the development of professional qualities in employees of his companies, providing the latter with unlimited opportunities for development, both professionally and personally. Nikolay is one of those people who lets their actions speak louder than words!

Vladimir Nikitin CEO Paymerium, CEO SpaceSwap, Ambassador Polkadot

I would like to recommend Nikolai as a person of a high professional level. Issues are resolved immediately and with a deep degree of elaboration. The combination of such qualities as attention to detail, entrepreneurial spirit and rare generosity are conducive to fruitful cooperation.

Svetlana Batalina Development Director "Home Pickles Factory"

One of the best mentors in the world. We worked together on one project in Shanghai and Nikolai showed himself at a very high level, and the speed of responses, the level of knowledge and connections amazes me to this day.

Eric Lee Co-Founder BTS Labs

Nikolai Shkilev’s professionalism, organizational skills and managerial talent set a prime example from partners and colleagues, and the companies they lead are rapidly developing in the market. Shkilev N.V. makes a significant personal contribution to strengthening the business climate in Russia, increasing social responsibility and creating a positive image of domestic business. On behalf of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and on my own behalf, I recommend Nikolay’s help.

V.I. Katenev President of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr. Shkilev is a true manager of the highest international level. Nikolai combines the unsurpassed talent of a businessman while remaining a kind, sincere, open and friendly person who loves life and knows how to enjoy it. It is customary to evaluate a person’s success by the results of their business plan, but, among other things, do you know what a beautiful family he has?! Firm and genuine. Undoubtedly, this is true happiness and an important indicator of success! I am proud to have met Nikolai Shkilev.

Gordeyko Irina Sales and Marketing Director Rolls-Royce Motor Cars St. Peterburg

Over the years of his work, Nikolai Shkilev has acquired well-deserved authority among compatriots and foreign clients, thanks to the high quality of the services provided and highly professional assistance to them. Nikolai and his companies can truly serve as a standard for any business wherefrom everyone can learn a lot.

V.S. Lopatnikov On behalf of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Head of the United Russia faction

The North-West Customs Administration expresses its gratitude to Nikolai Shkilev for his constant assistance in organizing the “World Police and Fire Games” held in Spain, Canada and Australia, where our athletes won dozens of medals of various denominations.

I.A. Vlasenko Head of NWTU RF, Major General

Shkilev N.V. and his company made a great personal contribution to the construction and commissioning of the start-up complex of the Nyurba Mining and Processing Plant

V.T. Kalitin President of AK ALROSA

Nikolay, thank you for your professionalism and ability to keep up with the times using the best world secrets and techniques. A vivid example of this is your participation in the work of our company. We express our deepest gratitude for your cooperation and serious support in the implementation of our plans. Keep and develop your glorious traditions, because your success is the economic component of success of both parties and our companies.

A.I. Krasavin On behalf of the staff of Berezitovy Rudnik LLC, General Director

A real pro in his area and just a decent person. Nikolay is a man of his word, which is a rarity nowadays, and it has been proven over the years. I am genuinely glad that Nikolai Vladimirovich accepted our proposal and joined the expert council.

Korchazhkin Pavel Vasilievich Head of the North-West Customs Administration of the Russian Federation

The management of BATEMAN (TENOVA), employees of the Moscow office and I personally want to express my gratitude to you for your cooperation. All this time, you have steadily led your group of companies to prosperity, have always acted at the highest level of professionalism, performing assigned tasks very efficiently and on time. Our communication with you left us with only positive and warm memories and a great desire to continue our, in all respects, successful and productive cooperation. Throughout all these years you have consistently and confidently developed your business, not forgetting to help people like us, convincingly proving to everyone that you are the best specialist in your field.

Yuri Gavrilov Sincerely respecting and appreciating you, Head of BATEMAN (TENOVA) Russia

The management of SANDVIK company expresses its sincere admiration and deep gratitude to N.V. Shkilev for working together around the world over the years. We can firmly assure that your company easily delivered our heavy cargoes from different parts of the world to all regions of the Russian Federation and you have achieved perfection in this. And all these years we have worked hand in hand. We firmly know that if Nikolay Shkilev and his team get down to business, it means that everything will be fine! Thank you, in a friendly way, for your excellent work, because: Shkilev N.V. is a true professional, a kind of seal of quality and best service.

Veikko Heikkila and Seppo Hayrynen Sandvik Minig and Construction Executives

We were faced with a seemingly impossible task – to build in the tundra, in the Far North where there were no roads within a radius of 1500 km, the most modern plant in the world. I turned to all respected large companies to ask who could do this and implement it in the Russian Federation. And to my surprise, from several directors at once, including large foreign manufacturers, I heard one name – Nikolay Shkilev and his team. The choice was made and the results exceeded all our expectations! He helped organize this entire turnkey project in record time! Several hundred containers and oversized items were sent on the “Ruslan” and “Il-76” planes alone. And thanks to their escort of cargo “from door to door” with a full customs audit, Nikolay Shkilev and his team also saved our company, on legal grounds, more than 35 million euros.

Morozkin Alexander Pavlovich First Vice President - Executive Director, ALROSA (* tragically died in a plane crash in 2013)

Shkilev N.V. – an expert and professional in his field. Thanks to his qualifications, ability and desire to do work at the highest level, a wide range of clients and partners has been acquired, including the insurance company SK ALROSA. The team of our company highly appreciates cooperation with you and considers it a great success that fate has brought us together in the vast expanses of Russia.

I.K. Demyanov Chairman of the Board of Directors of IC ALROSA

I express my gratitude to N.V. Shkilev. for fruitful participation in the creation of the transport strategy of the Russian Federation.

S. Frank Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

Shkilev N.V. is a real manager and specialist who can efficiently and successfully develop enterprises that play a significant role in the economy of the Russian Federation.

Zheleznyak S.V Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Deputy Secretary of the General Council of "United Russia"

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